Sunday, February 17, 2013

Drake - Additional Visuals

Example of Presentational Mode of Performance

In this episode of Martin, the main character Martin, addresses the live audience and viewers at home watching directly, who are all in on the joke. By doing this, Martin is colorfully bringing attention to the fictionality of the moment, which is best captured at the 1:28.

Look at me perform! 

In a different episode of Martin, Martin is losing his case in court and goes to drastic measures to get out of it. In this scene he is not only performing for people watching live and at home but for the "extras" and other actors of the series. In our textbook, Drake uses the example of Jim Carrey's performance in Liar Liar, which also took place in a courtroom. Both scenes demonstrate how characters are given time and space to perform for an audience. For the Martin clip, this is best captured at 53 seconds, and for the Carrey clip, this is best captured from 11 seconds to a minute. Also note, that the extra actors in both clips react in astonishment to the behaviors of the star performer. Drake believes the background actors react this way to motivate narrative and to react as if they are committed to conventions of classical realism.

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