Monday, February 18, 2013

Hot Shots!

Anarchic comedy emphasizes affective immediacy, keeping the audience engaged from the first scene to the last scene usually through comic gags. This type of comedy utilizes recognizable performers, and highlights individual performances rather than narrative development. The film Hot Shots! Is a great example of anarchic comedy. Hot Shots! is a 1991 comedy parody film starring Charlie Sheen, a very popular and recognizable actor.This film carries the same comedic characteristics as Airplane!, and primarily spoofs the 1986 film Top Gun,but also uses material from various films such as Rocky, Superman, and Terminator to name a few. The plot centers around an unstable fighter pilot attempting to overcome the disgrace of his father's past, and complete a mission to attack an Iraqi nuclear plant. The film's narrative, in alignment with anarchic comedies, lacks in development and is pieced together through separate comedic performances which lead to an absurd, and rather appropriate, shoot-out ending. The following are examples of the comedic bits that keep the story line progressing:

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