Sunday, April 28, 2013

Recombinant Comedy, Transmedial Mobility, and Viral Video

Gurney, “Recombinant Comedy, Transmedial Mobility, and Viral Video”

Jerry Palmer’s theory says that comedy arises from the tension between plausibility and implausibility or "the way in which the comic moment plays upon preexisting notions of how things 'should be.'”

                      Box Monster Attack Prank [Click to watch]
Nothing scarier than a stockroom and a creative person.

Humor can be found in shared expectations of culture. In order to be comedic the set up and pay off must both be understood by the viewer.

Comedic timing and short length are key elements to many viral videos. In this way they are very similar to some of the first comedic films that wee made.

Metacomedy is comedy about comedy. This includes the sketch comedy of "Tim and Eric Awesome Show" with it's segment “Vista Fresh Mobile Viral Clip of the Week.” in the way the segment references elements of their own show and also parodies the involvement of corporate a sponsor. Another example of metacomedy is "Hitler finds out about the Downfall Parodies" which is a parody of previous parodies using footage of Hitler from the movie Downfall.

This refers to the parts of media that can be removed or modified without destroying the whole. This would include the individual skits on shows like “Saturday Night Live” and “Sesame Street.”  Viral videos act modularly within a video site and by being embedded in other sites. These videos can be used in different contexts to generate new comic texts.

In a similar way to how Abbott and Costello’s sketch comedy “Who’s on First?” routine became widely reused. The internet allows users to share their variations of previous comedic videos with a wide audience.

It is when “data of one format are coded into another.” Any pre-existing form of film or video footage can easily be converted and uploaded on to YouTube. Sound, music, photographs and many forms of art can also be used in a video. These can then be rearranged and edited into any number of combinations.  

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