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A look at Adam Sandler: Then and Now.

Stand up comedians are a dime a dozen, but good stand up comedians have a way of finding their way into the movie industry and go on to have very successful careers. To name a few: Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, Tracey Morgan, Chris Rock, and most recently Kevin Hart. But out of all of these, none has done quite as well for themselves as Adam Sandler. Adam Sandler has in a sense built an empire, and has done so by staying true to himself and never really losing sight of how he started out and what made him a success in the beginning.
Adam Sandler came to fame the hard way. He started at the bottom doing nightclub gigs and performing his stand up routines anywhere that he could get in. Here's a clip from his early years on the stage. In it you will find the essence of Adam Sandler. This short clip has everything in it that his movies would draw from in some shape or form all the way up until now, and the movies that he will do.
What is a good stand up comedian without talking about his failed relationships, or his failed attempts to pick up a hot babe. Yet Adam Sandler took this to a whole different level. He used all the things that he had going against him and played off of them to get the hot girl in his movies. In the clip above from his early stand up days he cracked jokes about the snot coming from his nose while trying to talk to the babe on the beach. In a sense he had to pay his dues at the stand up level by never getting the hot girl he was telling the audience about. But when he arrived and started making movies he took all of his "shmuck" qualities that in times past kept him from getting the girl to embracing them and winning over the girl. Take for instance this clip from one of his most recent successes Just Go With It. 

Adam Sandler doesn't just stick to his awkwardness around women from his early stand up days to his movies. He has kept and perfected much more than that, namely his whole persona. As you get ready to watch this next clip pay close attention to Adam Sandler's speech, more importantly how he's talking not necessarily what he's saying. Also watch his movements and his interaction with the microphone and the microphone stand, and lastly how he interacts with the crowd and how he reacts to their laughter.

What I want you to see from this clip is his somewhat erratic speech, and how he kind of stumbles over what he's trying to say without clouding what he is trying to say. He presents himself to the audience as an awkward person who is completely unsure of himself and the stories he shares only backs up the audiences perception of him. Adam Sandler's body movements also reinforce his awkwardness. He fumbles with the mic stand, and the mic itself appearing to not be exactly sure of what to do the mic his arms or the mic stand. His perceived awkwardness is what has made him such a hit with his fans all around the world.
People, especially guys, know how hard it is to talk to a "hot" girl. In today's society men are still expected to make the first move and approach the girl. This is a daunting task and quite frankly a nerve-racking experience as any guy can attest to. Yet Adam Sandler makes us believe that if someone as unattractive, awkward and unsure of themselves as he is can get the girl, then anyone can go out and get the girl.

The most interesting movie that Adam Sandler made, but also in my opinion the worst movie he's made, was Funny People. In it Adam Sandler plays a guy based on his real life, just without a family and he has cancer. When he finds out that he is very possibly going to die soon he tries to go back to doing standup comedy with the help of Seth Rogan who he meets along the way. Like I said the movie, out of all of Adam Sandler's stuff possibly sheds the most light on him, but went away from everything he had embodied in his other films up that point. That's why it's interesting, while it seems to be about his real life, the things that have come to be expected of Adam Sandler, the things we love and enjoy about him, were not there. His awkwardness and un-sureness is gone and replaced by a cocky bravado and someone who seems completely sure of themselves and not in a good way, and definitely not in a funny way.

Funny People is just one of a few Adam Sandler movies that have not done so well in the past ten years at the box office. While Adam Sandler's box office numbers have been down in America according to Business Insider in recent years, overseas they have doing quite well. Business Insider isn't the only one who took notice of these numbers. Netflix recently signed Adam Sandler to a four movie deal where the movies wouldn't come out in theaters, but would just go straight to Netflix.

While speculation over the genre of these four movies isn't too varied, what this deal means and the impact it could have on the future is vast. The four movies are expected to be much in line with Adam Sandler's movies up to date. A family friendly kind of comedy that had made him famous worldwide. Why change success? Adam Sandler has made the same type of movie his whole career in which he plays the immature lead character that winds up with the "hot" girl in the end, after funny and awkward situations unfold along the way.

Speculations on the ramifications of this deal range from whether the movies will flop or be a blockbuster, to as one article points this deal spells out the doom of movie theaters. Either way, whatever may happen, Adam Sandler will continue to build his empire and entertain us for as long as he can.

Adam Sandler built an empire, in the form of a production company (Happy Madison Productions), which has helped produce over two hundred films since 1999. By Adam Sandler having his own production company, it has allowed him to stay true to himself since becoming famous.
He has tried his hand at drama films and serious acting as in his in Click which would have to be my favorite Adam Sandler movie. In it, he receives a remote that can stop and fast fast-forward time and take him to different times in his life. At the end of it he realizes that it's the boring moments and the moments we take for granted that mean the most when our time runs out.

Adam Sandler has delighted us for years. He made us laugh; made us cry, made us cringe, and made us sigh, all while staying true to himself. Adam Sandler has made us believe that anything is attainable, and that it can be obtained while having fun and not changing who one is. The greatest lesson that we can learn in comparing Adam Sandler's early stand up comedy to his latest movies is that he has kept the same things that made him funny and successful as a standup comedian to being a big time movie star. Fame doesn't have to change you. And in the words of the man himself: "My name is Adam Sandler. I'm not particularly talented. I'm not particularly good-looking. And yet I'm a multi-millionaire."

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