Sunday, November 30, 2014

Workaholics and Broad City v. Friends

If you enjoy watching people in their twenties acting like typical young adults drinking, smoking and getting into all sorts of shenanigans, then Broad City and Workaholics are the shows for you!
Workaholics is about three college dropout guys, that are best friends and roommates that hold dead end jobs at a telemarketing company called TelAmeriCorp. They often spend their time both at work and at home pulling pranks on one another and putting together schemes that almost never work out the way they plan it. The main characters are Anders, Blake, and Adam. Anders is the most responsible and mature of the three but he usually goes along with any ideas the other two have up their sleeves. Blake is the probably the most sensible and laid back of the rest of the guys, known for his iconic curly crazy hair. Adam is the small but most outgoing of the three, he’s overly obnoxious and likes to think of himself as being a “juice head” and as a ladies’ man. At work they coincidentally share the same cubicle so the trio usually goof off a lot while at work but are quickly scolded by their foul mouthed boss, Allison. While away from work the three usually partake in some pot smoking and have a weird but close relationship with their frenzy pot dealer Karl.

In this video clip, the guys have decided to participate in a pizza eating competition to win pizza for a whole year, but the pizza they have to eat is extremely spicy so they get the “clever” idea to burn their tongues with heated spoons beforehand in order to not feel the burn of the pizza.
Broad City is a show about two young twenty something year old girls of Jewish descent living in New York City. The show depicts their everyday lives and their friendship. Abbi is the calmer, and passive one. She works as a janitor at a gym, where she constantly is pulling hairballs out of the drains, when she actually dreams of becoming an instructor and fantasizes about getting to teach her own class one day. She also enjoys drawing and had her work used for a dating website that then turned out to be a “whites only “dating service. Abbi lives in an apartment with her roommate, who never actually is there and her roommate’s boyfriend that doesn’t seem to ever leave and is constantly eating her food. Illana is Abbi’s eccentric best friend who works for a groupon type business, to where she is regularly late and spends her time napping as opposed to actually working. When not busy napping and  cleaning bathrooms the duo usually find themselves getting wrapped up in sticky situations but somehow make their way out of it and even enjoy taking hits of weed in between.
             In this clip we see a side by side comparison of the two as they go about their regular day.
Workaholics and Broad City although in different settings, the characters seem to have similarities. Illana and Adam’s characters are both careless, outgoing, confident and are always up for anything, while Abbi and Ander’s characters are somewhat more conservative and mature than their friends but always somehow end up getting sucked into their crazy schemes. If anything Broad City is the female, New York version of Workaholics. The characters in both shows are all stuck in dead end jobs but don’t really do anything to get themselves out. They instead spend their time getting high and getting themselves into awkward social situations. At the end of the episodes although conflicts are solved, there is no life lesson to be learned. The characters just go back to “normal” and the next episode they find themselves getting into a new situation.

Friends although also based in New York like Broad City, is somewhat opposite from Workaholics and Broad City. The characters in Friends work towards bettering themselves. Rachel for example goes from being a barista at the local coffee shop to working for a fashion designer and we see Joey struggle with his acting career. I feel people in their twenties can better relate to Workaholics and Broad City because the lives of the characters on the shows are somewhat more realistic and parallel to that of a typical twenty something year old.


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